Why Compliance Mastermind?


For our clients, compliance is a part-time role that naturally gets procrastinated. Whether the CTO takes it, a project lead absorbs it, or an engineer inherits the role, they’re going to need help. Let’s face it, security and compliance are NOT your primary focus or expertise. But it’s got to get done! We can help you bridge the gap. Imagine ongoing mentoring that fills in the knowledge gaps, provides compliance rhythm, produces confidence, and doesn’t break the bank. That’s Compliance Mastermind. To go straight to the application go here.


Who needs Compliance Mastermind?

If your a CTO who inherited the CISO title with all the liability, a leader who knows something about security but isn’t compliance confident, and anyone who already has a primary role in SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 or Privacy, Compliance Mastermind is for you!


What does
Mastermind look like?

Compliance has a rhythm! One of the hardest parts of compliance is maintaining that rhythm. Mastermind is a subscription based community lead by compliance experts that provides live monthly meetings, timely expertise, guidance, and resources, and facilitates peer experience sharing. Ultimately, your staff receive regular support and gain focus and confidence to be successful.


What does
Mastermind Include?


  1. Three monthly virtual meetings aligned with SOC 2
  2. Expert led training, Mentoring, Q&A, and CISO Topics
  3. Professional and community experience sharing
  4. Access to updated compliance resource library
  5. Compliance email support
  6. Company membership up to three team members


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