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The Open Source

SOC 2 Project


Your environment may eventually become large enough to warrant $20K/year software.  Until then, let's do it for free.

As expert security and compliance experts for the last 17 years, we saw a major mismatch in the market: traditional fees and processes involved in becoming SOC 2 ready were built for large corporations — not startups and SMBs. After 6 years building out an end-to-end application that walked our clients through the SOC 2 compliance readiness process, we decided to open source it and offer it for FREE…for everyone.

Finally a way to become SOC 2 ready with expert guidance…even on a startup budget.


  • A complete SOC 2 readiness roadmap with controls for HIPAA, GDPR, and other essential best practices required by modern companies.

  • Open-sourced with all the project management features of Trello

  • Each control is thoroughly described and organized based on job function so there’s no more question of who needs to do what.

  • Each control card provides references to SOC 2 requirements, readiness materials, and attestation questions.

  • Simply upload the requested audit materials and complete the relevant checklists.

  • Assign owners to each control and set due dates.

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"The Practical Assurance SOC 2 template provided in Trello is powerfully simple, easy to use, and highly effective. It has the full Trello feature set with the well crafted SOC 2 template set from PA that keeps us fully prepared and organized for our annual audit. If you are looking to manage your compliance without the big price tag I highly recommend it."

Risk & Compliance Officer, Safefood 360


As passionate security and compliance experts working primarily with startups and SMBs for the last 17 years, we saw a huge opportunity to fundamentally disrupt the industry by open-sourcing our formerly paid SOC 2 readiness roadmap in a tool most companies already use: Trello. Our mission is to help thousands of small companies reach SOC 2 compliance with expert guidance and without the crazy expense and complexity involved.


We've had the pleasure of working with over 100's startups and SMBs on the exact process you'll find in our open-sourced SOC 2 Roadmap tool. Again and again, our customers told us how streamlined, simple, and cost-effective our purpose-built process is...and now it's even more cost-effective (!)

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Changing the Future of Compliance: The Entire SOC 2 Roadmap, Now Streamlined and Free

Reclaim your security budget and join the hundreds of startups and SMBs who have already changed their approach to SOC 2 (& their finance team has thanked them). 


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Our unique combination of expert security and compliance consulting and penetration testing will ensure you’re prepared in the most practical and quickest way possible.