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This bundle has been built for startups and SMBs. We’ve heard from companies around the world that it’s difficult to find clear information about how to prepare for a SOC 2 audit. We feel your pain! Our focus is to help you and your team understand how to practically address all of the SOC 2 requirements.

What the bundle includes:

  1. 📃 Whitepaper PDF:
      SOC 2 Questions and Answers for Startups / SMBs
  2. 📃 Whitepaper PDF:
      How to Talk to About SOC 2 Before You’ve Done It
  3. 📃 Audit Checklist PDF:
      SOC 2 Change Management
  4. 📺 Webinar Video: BONUS
      Goal – Get SOC 2 (46 minutes)
  5. 📺 Webinar Video: BONUS
      How to Fail a SOC 2 Audit (57 minutes)


1. SOC 2 Questions and Answers for Startups / SMBs


What this prep guide will teach you

Understanding your company’s next move can be daunting if you have limited experience in compliance. You will learn how approach compliance, what impact it will have on your organization, and the business benefits from getting started.

The 5 most important questions:

  • What kind of businesses should be thinking about SOC 2?
  • How is SOC 2 different from SOC 1 and other compliance frameworks?
  • What is the difference between a Type I and Type II audit?
  • How do companies prepare for SOC 2?
  • Our cloud provider already has SOC 2 and other certification, do we still need to do it?



2. Whitepaper: How to Talk to About SOC 2 Before You’ve Done It


What this white paper will teach you

SOC 2 is a phrase that can strike fear and confusion into startups and small businesses, but there’s an easy way to talk about and respond to SOC 2 requests long before you undergo the time and expense of a formal SOC audit.

You can win SOC 2-contingent business by showing you understand the point of SOC 2, and that you can deliver SOC 2-style reliability even before you obtain formal compliance. The trick is understanding SOC 2 first.


3. SOC 2 Audit Checklist: Change Management


What this prep guide will teach you

Understanding your company’s approach to change management can have a big impact on a SOC 2 audit. Whether you build software in-house or use turn-key software, there’s a need for solid change management practices. This checklist covers all of the SOC 2 changement management requirements in section 7.4.

The 5 most important items

  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability is considered in all changes
  • Source code is properly controlled
  • Change management practices and approvals are appropriately documented
  • The production environment is limited to a small set of engineers



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