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Penetration Testing Purpose-Built for the Unique Needs of Startups and SMBs




Unlike all other pentesting solutions on the market today, we’re breaking down what has traditionally been a low value, overly generic, and costly process into an adaptive, aligned, and affordable testing process designed specifically for startups and SMBs so they can reduce their information security risk and achieve their compliance goals.


This is pentesting designed for small teams and companies who need a pentest to be compliant…without the overwhelm and cost.

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Working with customers for over a decade to achieve SOC 2 compliance, we found two BIG issues:

1. Pentesting firms were charging a lot for such an underwhelming report and unclear results that startups and SMBs simply couldn’t keep up.
2. Regardless of the cost, companies weren’t getting the value they deserved (did you need to test that much to find security flaws? Did they spend time on the areas you were actually concerned about? Did the auditors even need you to test that much?)
We quickly became tired of sending them to traditional pentesting solutions that cost a lot and weren’t adaptive to the needs of a small SaaS company. So we decided to do something about it.

With our decades-long passion and expertise in compliance and security, and deeply understanding what our customers really needed as SaaS companies, we created pentesting purpose-built for the risks and goals of startups that’s unlike anything out there.
"Partnering with Practical Assurance for our penetration testing has been incredibly beneficial for our security posture. Their iterative process has not only systematically enhanced our defenses but has also been pivotal in our journey to achieving and maintaining SOC 2 Type II compliance. Their expertise and thorough approach have ensured that we meet the rigorous standards required, providing us with the competitive edge and reassurance for our clients. Feeling more secure than ever, all thanks for the folks at Practical Assurance."  CTO, Centercode

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Meet a New Breed of Penetration Testing

Built for the Practical, Real-World Needs of Your Startup or SMB

Traditionally, pentests are annual and extremely disruptive to a smaller team. Our specialty is startups, so our testing is scoped around your fast-moving environment, attainable for your small team to respond to, and prioritized according to what matters most.

Insanely Valuable

Tired of generic reports and mystery processes? At Practical Assurance, our testing and remediation recommendations are clear, understandable and designed to help actually make your entire company fundamentally secure in the process. With better practices, you’ll encounter fewer vulnerabilities.

Adaptive Testing Designed for Rapid Development Cycles

Typical pentests include more than you’ll ever need to appease a SOC 2 audit and are not risk-targeted to your company’s actual needs. Our testing is adaptive based on your specific development cycle, risks, budget, and client and audit requirements.

Iterative Testing

Practical Assurance provides a completely unique pentesting solution — fractional tests that break up the one big, overwhelming test into timely tests throughout the year, each focused on your company’s biggest priorities and risks, with actionable steps your small team can reasonably achieve, and at a fraction of the cost.

Uncover your hidden security vulnerabilities

before they do.

You've invested a ton in building a great app or system — we’re here to help you protect it. You have a multitude of stakeholders (customers, partners, a board) — all of which are relying on you to do the right thing, which is to build code that’s secure. Don’t wait until you’re hacked and your entire reputation and survivability is on the line to do something about it. Find out what you don’t know is inside your environment with an external pentest designed for the unique needs of small SaaS companies, with a team that cares about not just checking off a compliance box for you, but helping you become fundamentally more secure as a company in the process.

How it Works

Our external penetration test is a security assessment designed to identify vulnerabilities in web applications and associated backend infrastructure. It involves manual and automated testing of the application’s functionality and security controls to identify and assess the risks posed by the application and to recommend tactical mitigations. Testing includes activities such as crawling the application for exposed content, fuzzing inputs and parameters, identifying authentication and authorization issues, analyzing application logic and data flow, and attempting to exploit found vulnerabilities.


  1. The Process

    1. Scoping: We begin with a scope call with a security and compliance consultant that will document your scope and goals, discuss the testing options best suited for your risk, and align those goals with a strategic and cost-effective pentest strategy.
    2. Ongoing Project Management: A dedicated project manager will provide clear and proactive communication throughout the entire project, even notifying you if a high-risk vuln is found so you can remediate immediately. 
    3. 2-Week Completion: Our testing starts and completes within weeks, not months.
    4. Practical Reporting: An understandable and tactical report that will summarize and rank findings, outline step-by-step how to reproduce exploits and findings, provide detailed guidance on remediating each finding, and provide overall security recommendations and security controls to improve your security posture.
    5. Remediation Verification: After your team remediates vulnerabilities found in the pentest, we can conduct remediation testing and create an updated report that you’ll be proud to share with customers, prospects, partners, etc.
    6. Ongoing Partnership: In between the tri-annual tests, we’re your security and compliance partner here to consult in your security posture throughout the year.
    7. Added Value: Continuous education and resources through Practical Assurance webinars, white papers, and security briefs

Satisfy prospects and customers. 

Align with auditors.

Secure your entire organization.


This is the trifecta startups and SMBs have needed all along that, until now, hasn’t been an option. We made it an option.
“Our company has been working with Practical Assurance for a few years now and we can’t say enough good things about them and their team. Their flexibility to focus our pen testing on specific areas of our software has been so helpful... It’s our responsibility to keep our clients' data safe and we take that very seriously. Having Practical Assurance as a partner we feel confident we can stop a breach before it happens.”  CEO, Renovation Lending Software
"Practical Assurance is a great security and compliance partner. Their Pen Test service is detailed and fast. Ben is a problem solver and extremely responsive."  CEO, Employee Confidential

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