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Uncover Hidden Security Threats.  Build trust with customers.  Satisfy Auditors.  Sleep well at night.




Are you a SaaS provider that’s being asked for an external penetration test?

Unlike all other pentesting solutions on the market today, we’re breaking down what has traditionally been an unnecessarily complex, lengthy, and costly process into an adaptive, attainable, and affordable testing process designed specifically for startups and SMBs so they can reduce their information security risk and achieve their compliance goals.


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Uncover your hidden security vulnerabilities before they do.

You don’t know what you don’t know.  That’s what partnering with us is all about.  You've invested a ton in building a great solution for your customers and we want to help you protect it.

Risk-Based Testing

Meaningful Approach

Clear-cut Reporting

Our external web application penetration test is a security assessment designed to identify vulnerabilities in web applications and associated backend infrastructure. It involves manual and automated testing of the application’s functionality and security controls. The goal of the test is to identify and assess the risks posed by the application and to recommend tactical mitigations. The test usually includes activities such as crawling the application for exposed content, fuzzing inputs and parameters, identifying authentication and authorization issues, analyzing application logic and data flow, and attempting to exploit found vulnerabilities.

Why work with Practical Assurance?

Real-time Testing

SMB & SaaS Focused

Risk Adjusted Cost

Because of our distinctive background, we can integrate security and compliance into an audit ready test that provides assurance while saving money. We take a unique risk-based approach in both project scoping and continuous testing that gives you the greatest security value while meeting compliance requirements. Our ability to do continuous risk-focused testing within a typical annual budget is a common reason our customers choose us. Our services can be right sized for SOC 2 and other compliance needs and we offer a number of options that will allow us to customize a pentest solution unique to your primary goals.

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Satisfy customers and auditors.

Sleep well at night.

We talk with SaaS executives everyday who are facing customer requests for external penetration tests and SOC 2 audits.  While budget is always a concern, at the end of the day they want to know they are secure as well. 

Here’s what you can expect if you engage Practical Assurance:

  1. Scoping: A scope call with a security and compliance consultant that will document your scope and goals, counsel you in uncommonly known options, and align those goals with a strategic and cost-effective pentest strategy.
  2. Project Management: A dedicated project manager that will provide clear and proactive communication throughout the entire project.
  3. Swiftness: A test that will start and complete within weeks not months.
  4. Practical Reporting: An understandable and tactical report that will summarize and rank findings, outline step-by-step how to recreate exploits and findings, provide detailed guidance on remediating each finding, and provide overall security recommendations and security controls to improve your security posture.
  5. Partnership: A security and compliance partner to consult in your security posture during and throughout the year.
  6. All Inclusive: Included remediation testing, validation, and updated report.
  7. Added Value: Continuous education and resources through Practical Assurance webinars, white papers, and security briefs

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