Compliance Management Overview



Once you finish SOC 2 readiness, then what? How do I maintain my compliance? Who’s going to manage the software platform? Virtual Compliance Management gives you expert-led compliance management at a fraction of the HR cost. Our clients gain focus, confidence, expert support, and rest easy during audit time.



What do you get?

Our clients enjoy all the things that keep compliance on track: dedicated resource, ongoing project management, compliance software administration, expert guidance, internal control assessment and improvement, risk assessment, key meeting facilitation along with client and audit support.



What can I expect from a Compliance Manager?


  1. Regular scheduled compliance calls
  2. Regular compliance follow up and reporting
  3. Expert guidance, support, and audit management
  4. A dedicated resource who knows your business
  5. Key compliance meeting facilitation including risk assessments, control assessments, DR/BCP tabletops, Incident Response tabletop and review, security review, etc.
  6. Auditor discounts and relationships
  7. Confidence!



The Bottom Line

Don’t try to manage your compliance yourself with part-time, focus-divided staff and experience audit gaps and compliance failures. Partner with us to get compliance done with confidence and grace! We’re confident you’ll be glad you did!



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